Thursday, March 22, 2018

a theater difference

There was a time when people got out of the theaters
having memorized the music, the lyrics,
that was before the theaters closed down
sealed with red wax.

the taxi tells me

This is what this modern city has become, he says bitterly
stones upon stones, like pillars made to make the city a space
but it is all built on our traditions and ancestors bones
just like this shifting culture we are making tells me again,
the taxi driver who picks me off the street.

This spring, something like love

Mason jars lit with candles
to make way for entry to the part area
only her heart is empty of love this spring.

waiting for news

waiting for news
is like exhausting time
for desperation to knock on your door

Clean, lit place

Over the desks, clear
with a space for the thoughts to arrive
like a bullet train heading to a known destination

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Jalad, is the Arabic word for patience
but as with Arabic, it carries within it stamina
power to those who are impatient

Jallad, is that who is a flagellant
with a whip strong enough to lash
at one's flesh, cracking with pain

there's a lot about self- flagellation and patience
that there be power and pain
a pinnacle that those who flog themselves and wait

will arrive at their destination
longer and stronger
bruised with beating.

No longer

Is the voice using
the words like can and cannot
these are auxiliary verbs- words that keep moving.