Tuesday, January 16, 2018

the pain in your chest

There is pain in your chest, a little cold
the wind has caused it yet it grows,
this pain when you think of the ones who are cold
without blankets to cover the frigid fingertips and toes.

Monday, January 15, 2018

All else at once

You only appreciate your back when you stand
only look into the ability to breath when you are wrapped with a blanket
this is the short contradiction you are mostly yourself when you stop being 
all else at once. 

Why can I not write about you?

Maybe I over-wrote of my feelings to you
too many time exhausted the similes
of you, old lover, like an apparition that is no longer with me.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Indigo child goes worldwide!

Each of us holds within a point of light and pride, I am proud to call myself a reader.

Before I go on, I will leave you in a context of this post. In 2016, I was part of the larger international IWP family (that is the International Writing Program in Iowa) and I was also a traveler across the globe. Aided by my love for the words I had started to see the world with its people, with its places and in books. The world wasn't just continents floating around the great blue mass pinned over each atlas I opened, it was alive and bursting with stories.

My reading however, wasn't. I could talk for hours about the newest YA novel, about intellectual inspirations in local literature but with all my head-buried in books days I still couldn't tell you what was the most exciting Icelandic book I've read, or what was trending in Armenia. I couldn't even talk about modern Arab fiction properly. I am a polyglot which means I get access to the literature in its different languages yet I am unable to grasp the rich essence of the world.

This year and likely the first half of next year  I want to attempt to change these reading habits. I want to spend the next (78 weeks) reading the world (following the example of Ann Morgan). Now I am being realistic with the goal since I work 5 days a week and I would need to read 196 books for all the UN recognized countries (replacing the Holy See with Scotland and adding Taiwan to my list courtesy of my best friend) but I trust that I can make it. For ease of access I will only be reading in both English and Arabic to keep time for reflections.

I would like to hear from you what are your favorite books from around the world by localities/country?. What are the local books trending where you are in the world? Which authors' works left you speechless?

My only take on this that the books to be linked to nationals of the countries not to what others slot as a certain literature of that country. I love fiction and poetry but I will also be dabbling with non-fiction and memoir, I would try to avoid the YA genre having spent years reading the genre I would like to see the world with adult eyes.

I leave this chance for you to inspire me with your suggestions and I will make sure I keep updating with the most striking of reads as time floats by.

I wait for an answer

I wait for an answer
that doesn't come by your way
have I wronged you with my time?

manifestations on the world Batel (useless/lost/gone to waste)

is the way you define the lack of use, we say batel
as in discarded, as in empty and cast aside on the road
like an old flute that can no longer hum melodies

is the way they tell you age shows in your bones
on the skin marks creasing over your eyes
like age is more than the strikes the sun makes on your face

they hit him with egg and shoes
like all men do to those who commit treason
like those who are batel by virtue of uselessness to the nation

the way his hand turned around her neck
like a rope on desire
as in throbbing, as in harsh- the marks left behind

from Batal, a hero
that who makes of himself a story, after uselessness

is the way you define the lack of use
as in a self carried like the stars across the seas
as in a redefinition of the ways a gate closes on its secrets
like an old flute that can no longer hum melodies
batel,down-right useless, this power in the words.

I want to paint you a story

I could have painted you a story
in the colors and sounds available to my hands
but my paint-brush is broken and it is expensive to replace the color
with a simile.

I could have made a story sparkle on your skin
leave you with the effect of sunlight over a lake
I want to leave you with a story
that comes from nature to find you when you want to just hide.